About Me

Welcome to my web-site! I’m a former higher education professional turned e-learning specialist. After extensive experience in curriculum and learning design, I launched my own e-learning consultancy. My team brings a growth mindset and technical skills such as front-end and back-end web development to approach all aspects of curriculum and training design.

We are based in New York City and use our broad skills and experiences to empower others around technology usage. Our speciality is simplifying the overwhelming frustrating of learning and navigating new learning management platforms to increase your technology skills and empower you to become a better user.

Course Setup in Learning Management Platform:

  • Teaching people how to use learning management platforms from a Front-End and Back-End perspective
  • Designing and teaching systems for automating setup of courses in learning management platforms

Course Design & Course Creation

  • Blending current trends in adult learning and curriculum design
  • Create training and documentation around new technologies for employees and organizations
  • Create curriculum for an online course from start to finishCourse Marketing
  • Applying UX research for testing and marketing an online course launch
  • Applying UX research tools to strategically design a comprehensive course marketing plan

Career Highlights:

  • Curriculum Developer & Designer for Main Training Australia- designing online courses for the marketplace blending adult learning theory and principles and design thinking
  • Automate Learning Management System platform setup so you can spend more time on high level items instead of tasks
  • Educational assessment – creating and writing measurable learning outcomes showing evidence of expectations in online learning and surveys with quantitative and qualitative feedback.
  • Teaching faculty concept mapping tools such as Mindomo to integrate basic and clinical teaching in Contact Lens and Seminar courses
  • Received a small grant from the Association of Schools and Colleges in Optometry (ASCO) to Assess the Impact of Concept Mapping in Optometric Education
  • Published and Presented a Poster on Applying Concept Mapping to Teaching in Optometric Education