Jean Pak teaching students to become masters. Here are their success stories:

“Good teaching is a lifelong commitment to mastery of your own area of expertise”

– Jean Pak

Jean is a profoundly gifted and pragmatic teacher and e-learning designer. Both of those qualities matter; I took a course from Jean because I was trying to create an e-course on my own and getting nowhere. In a small workshop setting, Jean took a group of us–all in different fields, at different skill levels–and quickly gave us the tools AND the methodology to design a course based around our business goals. She is brilliant at giving you the how AND the why, from what platforms to use to how to grow followers and keep customers–and she had us making things right away.
-Martha Garvey

Jean is highly skilled in e-learning and design. I have had the pleasure of working with her in facilitating group training for course creators. If you’re looking for an instructional designer and e-learning specialist, Jean is the best out there.
-Yvette Salvaris, Ethical Training Solutions, LLC

Jean has been an incredible guide and consultant to the world of Thinkific course development and Google analytics. I started by watching her many helpful YouTube videos, and then hired her to walk me through several obstacles I encountered in my journey to create a Thinkific course site. As she problem-solved these challenges, she also tutored me so I could continue the work of developing my courses. She gave me the confidence to keep moving forward, knowing I have someone I can turn to when I do get stuck. INVALUABLE!
David Lukoff, Ph.D, Spiritual Competency Academy