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Have you ever frustrated or just plain stuck when trying to build out your course?

Or have you ever wondered why you can’t execute on the course you see so clearly in your head?

Making Your Online Courses Count

Let me help you become a successful online course owner. I am an online learning experience expert. Using my expertise and experience I have helped many businesses and individuals create online training courses that paved the way to their online success.

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Get to know me better and understand why I am a sought-after course developer. Let me walk you through the process and teach you all you need to know to optimize and elevate your online course to higher levels.

Jean Pak specializes in helping people just like you!

Hello, I’m Jean Pak.

I have spent the last decade building instructive, interactive, scalable online courses and training modules for entrepreneurs and businesses within and beyond the Thinkific setting. I am a certified partner with Thinkific, an all-in-one platform that provides tools and systems for creating professional-grade, sophisticated online courses for thousands of course creators.

TEACHnology: The art and science of creative learning

I have developed dynamic training material on a wide spectrum of subjects ranging from the highly technical to human development-focused. I believe in the efficacy of combining the power of the coolest technologies available with the essence of old-school face-to-face learning interactions.

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Some backstory about Learning with Jean.

Gear yourself for success

I have helped revamp courses that were once mostly PowerPoint and text-based lessons into interactive videos, activities and fun quizzes that yield higher completion rates and sales for organizations. Creating courses that are engaging while offering substantial learning experiences is what I specialize in. I continue to utilize my technical, creative, and teaching skills to contribute to the online course industry’s success, one client at a time.

Begin to build

As a Thinkific Agency Partner Specialist, I have also been building a collection of training videos on YouTube to help others build their first online course. Because I believe that dreams need to see action and though the beginnings may be challenging, they are also an exciting phase to put your vision in motion.
It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey and I can’t wait to help you create that curriculum that educates others as it edifies your business.

What are people saying about Jean?

Jean helped me organize and structure the first topic of my online course. She explained and mapped out in depth my course outline in a clear and engaging manner that helped me move forward with clear direction.
-Laura Dotolo, Principal, Clutch Made

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